Extra Virgin Oil Lemon Flavoured

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Extra Virgin Oil Lemon Flavoured

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lemon Flavoured,

Oil Can 8.80 fl. Oz. (250 ml)

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Extra virgin olive oil lemon scented. This is a seasoning oil. The starting raw material is the extra virgin olive oil which is flavoured, in a second instance, with selected essences in order to intensify food's features. Lemons are picked up from ancient lemon orchard based in Apulia and their taste is made from high quality citrus that together the extra virgin olive oil amplifies the organoleptic features of given foods, conveying a unique result. Great to season pasta, fish tartare, citrus salads, cooked vegetables, seafood and bresaola (salted and dried beef); it is particularly recommended on plain rice and mild cheese or to flavor dishes with lemon.

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavoured with Lemon

Origin: San Severo (Foggia)

Our Supplier: Oleificio Sciroppo

Oleificio Sciroppo is an encounter with the most noble and well-known gourmet product in the world: the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The commitment is based on the passion for the Mediterranean traditions and the willingness to bring the work of our producers on your tables. The company favours the cultivation and production of the most valuable varieties of local olives, born, harvested and processed on Italian soil. Oleificio also adopts the most traditional and accurate production techniques.