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CiaoRecipes is a food e-commerce of high quality products typical of the Italian gastronomic tradition.

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We select for you the best products made by local niche manufacturers rewarded and recognized nationally because of the high level of raw materials and the outstanding workmanship.

A choice that does not reward brand notoriety but the search for the best quality ingredients and the respect for the original methods and timing of processing, aimed at preserving and passing on the traditional flavors along with their nuances and uniqueness.

We aim to give you a chance to taste the wonderful flavors of the varied and original Italian food and wine disregarding fashions and mass-oriented brand suitable for vast less sophisticated and demanding audience. We'll take you on a journey of colors and flavors not only with the food that you can buy but also through recipes, cooking tips along with the story of the traditions and culture linked to a particular dish and its territory.

Eating does not mean only feeding but may also become a time of enrichment and a helpful experience to understand different cultures and histories, feeding mind and spirit at the same time.

Following our recipes you can easily make Italian dishes and buy many ingredients directly on the site of CiaoRecipes. Our high quality products, in some cases tailor made to meet your needs, may require eight or ten days to be delivered.

Please, try to remember when ordering.